Introducing Abra & ABRA MAKES

Abra Makes upcycles native wood into cherished heirlooms.

Growing up on the Canadian prairies gave Abra an appreciation for quality goods that stand the test of time.

As a wife and mother of two young daughters, she knows just how important capturing memories are to growing families. To make her signature height-chart rulers, Abra sifts through piles of demolition materials to find the perfect pieces of timber. After sanding back the decades of paint, she refinishes the wood with care and hand-numbers the measurements.

This process of re-purposing the wood, Abra says, “is very satisfying and allows my creative side to run wild”.  The result is a ruler that will become a beloved fixture in your or a loved one’s home.

Abra can even personalise it to create a keepsake to look back on over years to come.