Introducing Carolyn & EYE FELT FOR YOU

Hi, I’m Carolyn and I am hands down a craft addict with an affinity for any craft that is fiber based! I have stumbled through learning needle felting and punch needling on my own, but I found that I always ended up wasting money because I bought the wrong supplies, or I wasted heaps of time looking for the right YouTube video. There just never seemed to be any cohesive kits that had quality supplies, a how-to-guide, and how-to videos. When I decided I wanted to learn to crochet and knit I didn’t want to go through that process again. I wanted to create kits that allowed myself and others have a complete learning experience with just one kit! But wait….I didn’t know how to knit or crochet, so I decide to reach out to NZ Artist and Makers to get some help and that is how EyeFeltForYou Fiber Art Collaborative Craft Kits came to life. What’s rad about this venture is that I get to support NZ Artist and Makers along with selling these boutique kits. The makers and artist write the how-to-guides and supply a video library that helps you along your journey. Also, the kits contain their own unique patterns and designs. Double the good karma; you can feel pretty good as you purchase a kit because you are supporting my platform to help these Artist shine as well as supporting their creative dreams, as each of them receives profits from each kit sale. Be sure to check each of them out, because they are crazy talented! Our punch needle kits a tiny bit different. The videos and how-to-guides are done by me but for the most part I try to use patterns designed by NZ Artists.