Introducing Dwayne & FIVE FUDGE

Locally made in Taranaki!

FiveFudge  is made fresh, to order, from their registered home-based kitchen, in New Plymouth, Taranaki. 

At FiveFudge they pride themselves on using real, top quality ingredients. YES, it would be easy to artificially flavour their fudge, but they don’t. YES, we could make a bright yellow banana fudge, to catch your eye, but they don’t do fake colours either. They do this for a reason…. The taste! Oh, the taste. It is TUMEKE!

Take a bite of HazelBerry and you will come across actual hazelnuts and premium dried raspberries. Their Smokey Walnut contains real butter that is smoked with mesquite, giving it a true smoky flavour.

Great taste is not artificial. That’s the FiveFudge difference. 

Five fudge is environmentally conscious too. The packaging is 99% home compostable, including courier bags, eco wrap, clear sealed packaging. 

They are serious about having fun making fresh fudge Life’s short Eat Five Fudge NO artificial flavours or colours here Spread the Five Fudge love xoxo