‘Hayley Benseman’ natural skin care is made right here in Taranaki! 

Sourcing beautiful ingredients from NZ suppliers to make a completely all natural product that delivers on quality.

They strongly believe in offering an amazing product that not only ‘works’ but is enjoyable ~natural ~ affordable and safe for your skin and the environment.

98% of their products are water free which leaves you with a product made wholly of butters – powders- flowers- oils and waxes! What does this mean for you? Your product will last longer than your average store bought alternative ~ saving you money in the long run! 

Every effort has been made to give you a delightful sensory experience. The smell and feel of this skin care reflects the unrefined notes of the original ingredients – giving you all the natural antioxidants and healing benefits of the plants they are derived from.

Synthetic Free~ Cruelty Free~ NZ Made~Eco Friendly~ Hand Made