Introducing Mel & HELLO FRIDAY

Mel love’s scarves, always have and always will.

Her scarf collection is excessive, (even before she started Hello Friday) but she loves them all and wears them all. Colour, pattern and texture…all things that she is passionate about.

Mel is not a high maintenance person, with 3 kids, a supportive husband (who travels a lot), a crazy dog and she runs this business from home. A typical day, like a lot of you, is racing out the door, late for where ever she is supposed to be, no time to preen. Life is like that. Most days she loves the hustle.

When she throws on a scarf while racing out the door, it gives her that ability to transform even the most dishevelled look into something decent, suddenly effortlessly oozing style like Nina from Offspring and BOOM she throws her arms up in the air and party…Hello Friday!

“I put on a scarf, I feel great. It’s that simple”.

Hello Friday is about giving you that chance to feel great and making it accessible for everyone.

Mel designs things that are affordable, great quality, easy to wear, colourful, stylish and always with an eye to flatter. Her designs are made in China by a wonderful company who she has now worked closely with for 5 years.

“So get excited and come along for the ride”.

Love it, Wear it, Own it.