Introducing Janine Rata ARTIST

There is something about sitting around a glowing, purposeful fire, sharing shifts of responsibility, stories, and pots of tea.  It whispers to the core of who we are.  Can you feel it?

Janine Rata’s most recent exhibition showed a small body of work was made to explore surface aesthetics produced during a soda wood-firing.  The ‘Mastering Wood-firing Effects’ workshop, run by Duncan Shearer at Rahu Road Pottery (Paeroa), guided students through reproducing chosen effects and surfaces which they enjoyed most from this type of atmospheric firing.

Dipped and sprayed flashing slips were used at various phases during the creation of each piece to highlight the life and path of the flame, with oxide washes accentuating crackles and surface stamping (inspired by both Duncan and Charade’s work at Rahu Road).  All work was bisque-fired and had internal (liner) glazes applied.  The outer surface of each piece was then left for the kiln to glaze itself, with the wood ash produced during the firing plus a controlled application of soda introduced into the kiln just prior to completion.