Phil Jones

Introducing Phil Jones ARTIST

Nocturnal by nature, Phil tends to spend most of his nights working away in his studio. Flitting between commissions, exhibition pieces or any other project that has suddenly caught his very short attention span.

Jones has a wide diversity to his work, never restricting himself to one particular media or style.  He is continually learning new techniques either by accident or through hours of early morning experimentation. 

The majority of Jones work are not driven by a narrative, he leaves this process up to the viewer.  He simply creates works that he feels inspired to produce. 

Most of his inspiration stems from his early years of being a street artist, stealing walls late at night to showcase his work. 

It is only in the last 5 years that Jones has turned all of his energy and attention to becoming a successful full time artist.  He remains very grounded and is humbled to be able to do what he loves for a living.