Blessed to have grown up under the mountain and next to the tumultuous coast. My paintings often draw from these elements and my passion lies with depicting and accentuating movement, form and texture while also exploring the moments between two-dimensional and three-dimensional space.

The Movable Murals project has been my way of exploring the complexities of the ownership of street art – there is an ambiguity that comes between the ownership of the work and the ownership of the wall itself and even more-so when those lines get blurred. Does the artist own the work and what legal right does the artist hold if the work was made without getting appropriate consents. I have found my very own grey area to explore by making the works on a plywood canvas and fixing the work temporarily to locations using padlocks. This is to utilize the street art mentality without crossing the line to lawlessness.
The work explores the idea of ownership with the visible display of the padlock to affix the work in place and alludes to the existence of a key-holder.

I have been exploring my local area to find the beauty in the things we see every day, be it the sediments in rock, the movement of waves or a local spot that you connect with in your own way. I have a sketchbook full of nostalgic and interesting places around Taranaki, this series is an extension of this – with the hope that the work will be moved around to different areas out in the wild and take its own place in the land/cityscape.

Own your own Movable Mural – purchase a key and gain the ability to remove and move the mural at your leisure just ask the collaborator at the desk.
I am eager to see where they end up please take photos and document their journey whether you are a key holder – or if you run into one by accident.