Introducing Shawn Peng Photography

Shawn Peng, also known as Shzee, is a young aspiring photographer and digital artist from New Plymouth. Shawn’s creative journey began in his hometown, where he was raised and later graduated from New Plymouth Boys’ High School. Currently, he is pursuing a Bachelor of Design Innovation, specializing in Communication Design and Marketing at Victoria University of Wellington.

With excitement for adventure and a deep appreciation for life, Shawn’s photography bursts with vibrant colour, his signature style. Using the picturesque landscapes of Taranaki as his canvas, he skillfully captures the essence of each moment, ensuring its representation at its finest.

Shawn’s exceptional talent has earned him third place in the New Zealand Secondary Schools Photography competition and second place in the Stills National Photography competition. He has collaborated with Live Magazine, Zeal New Zealand, and the Unite Against Covid-19 campaign. His work was showcased at the Collaboration’s Taranaki Schools exhibition in 2022.

Shawn’s most recent and remarkable achievements include having his photographs displayed on 6x4m New Plymouth Destination billboards at highway entrances, solidifying his mark in his hometown.

Fueled by an unwavering passion and an ever-evolving talent, Shawn creates captivating visuals that inspire and impress everyone encountering his remarkable work.