The Aspiring Artist Programme

In 2019 we established an aspiring artists programme.

The programme guides young artists through their first public exhibition and provides the opportunity for creative growth. Surrounded by other emerging and established artists, young talent is nurtured and encouraged to explore creative pathways to produce a synthesized body of work for exhibition.

The programme has grown significantly and is constantly evolving and refining responsively to the needs of our young artists. We have been able to expand our ability to offer support and the programme is now an essential component of the Collaboration model and brand.

What was once a simple guidance and advisory programme with a sponsored space is now, thanks to the support of the Creative Communities Grant, rapidly developing a strong register of established artists.
We have now mentored five young artists and supported them to exhibit their work. We are excited to see what the future holds for this programme and are currently engaged with several talented young artists working towards their 2020 exhibitions.
How to apply?
We always look forward to hearing from aspiring artists. Applications are normally accepted via nomination, however if you are 18 and under and art is the first thing you think of when you wake up in the morning then get in touch with us!