Indigo and Wills of The Paper Rain Project

The Paper Rain Project is a social enterprise founded from a want to do good through artistic and ethical creation. Specialising in board artworks and apparel, Paper Rain seeks to make positive impact throughout its production, creation and sales. Our small, Kiwi company is based in sunny Marlborough.
The Paper Rain Project was officially founded in 2013 after years of painting recycled boards & scribbling in notebooks (2009 – current status). We, Indigo & Wills Rowe of Marlborough, New Zealand, began life among small trees – Indigo in the North of Scotland on a tree nursery, Wills on a cherry farm in Spring Creek, Marlborough. It is safe to say we both had plentiful childhoods filled with tree-climbing, vege gardens, chickens and mud. It is from these modest roots which our love for nature, the organic and environmentally-friendly grew wild. Apart from wanting to spend time outdoors and raise our daughter in the best way we can, we would love to plant a permaculture garden and walk across America – all these are far off dreams. The Paper Rain Project is a big part of realising these. We love it.
We are lucky enough to work with artists from all around New Zealand as well as an International few. Some of our many guest artists include Hannah Jensen, Katy Hayward, Milarky, Chimp, Sean Duffell, Deow, Erika Pearce, Emmaline Bailey, Hannah Starnes, Faunesque, Cracked Ink, Monique Richards and more.